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Furniture Store & Design

At Artisan you will find the perfect design for every one and every buget.Come see it by yourself

More ideas and inspiration

We are a furniture agency specializing in design.

Home furnishing, organizing, styling and more

Simple changes for a more sustainable life

More ideas and inspiration

It’s easier and more affordable than ever to make your home more sustainable. And did you know? You can save money and preserve our precious resources too.

We Design & Sell Furniture

At Artisan, we’re always innovating. That’s why we’re proud to present our new furniture, home accessories and more. The new products are convenient and give your interior a fresh new look. Get inspired by this season’s ideas and looks.


A desk that can follow your Audience. It’s heights and has practical perfect for your look 


Bring your ideas to life with special inspiration, and lots of good things in store. 

We are Artisan Family, the largest family in Pakistan. As an Family member, you’ll enjoy many benefits, such as discounts on lots of products. Are you part of the ARTISAN Family yet?

As an ARTISAN Family member you get discounts, on selected ARTISAN products and services in-store. Discover all offers of this moment.

Designer Product

There’s always something designer ready for your home

Bring your ideas to life with special discounts, inspiration, and lots of good things in store. 

Need Something More? You Dream It. 

We represent all work of ARTISAN home Furniture store in Islamabad which has been the major source of Modern Luxury Furniture in Islamabad for over years. Artisan furniture store in Islamabad for classical, authentic, traditional, and artsy real wood furniture and home décor items.

Browse the collection of our new products, You’ll definitely find

what you are looking for.


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